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Do it yourself Bounce with me Magenta (Blue's Clues)  Toy Adaptation for Special Needs Disabled Children

bounce with me magenta blues clues special needs

You will need to know how to solder electrical wires- click here for directions

Access the battery compartment of Magenta (Blue's Clues close friend!), use a screw driver to open the battery compartment. Take the batteries out so Magenta doesn't start bouncing around. 


Cut a slit in Magentas ear so you can access the wires within.



Take apart the black thing


Now you should take the circuit board screws out.  You will see two yellow wires as shown below:


Solder on wires to the switch wire as shown below.


Add glue from hot glue gun


Screw circuit board back onto black thing

Blue's clues adapted toy for disable special needs children


Add drop of glue onto wire and black thing

Hot glue gun enforcement of Megenta Toy Wire adaptive switch

NOTE: - the wires on this circuit board break off VERY VERY Easily. I had two or three break off as I was trying to work this project.  What a total PAIN!!!


Reinstall black thing and put batteries back in to make sure Magenta still works.  Then  get a sewing needle setup with thread so you can sew up Blue's friend Magenta. 



Finish sewing of Magenta's seem around her neck.


RE-install batteries and it test with a switch to see if you were successful.