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Halloween Haunted House Sound Effects Design Software

(Sound Effect Software with Voice Changer)

Turn your computer into a sound effects machine.  Mix up to 100 WAV. files at once into a loop, so they replay continuously at intervals that you determine.  


Design your own soundscapes using recorded .WAVE files.   The .WAV files are overlayed.   This software comes with scary sounds for a haunted house type soundscape.   Also includes voice distorter / phase shifter using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform).  You will need a microphone hooked up to your computer to use this feature.)





  • Create your own scoundscapes by arranging the sounds you want to play as frequently as you want to replay them.  
  • Mix .WAV files together in an endless loop.
  • Scare the heck out of people coming to your door on Halloween.
  • Voice Changer Included: Make your voice sound lower or higher using the phase shift option.  The voice changer will shift your voice down 25  Hertz or up 25 Hertz.
  • Adjust echo depth and decay levels
  • Wave files included with this software are 
    • Baby crying
    • Howling wind
    • Whispering voices
    • Spooky notes on the piano
    • Chain rattling


  • Sound Card in Your Computer
  • Microphone for your computer (only if you want to add live voice to the sound effect)
  • Windows 98, 2k, ME, XP
  • 15 MB Hard Drive Space

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