Die Rolling Simulation & Histogram

Download Now

This is a simulation/lesson that you can download and run on your Windows computer. 

How Does a Histogram work?? Roll the die in this simulation and see! 

Follow these steps:
1)Download the simulation:
2)Run it:
3)Enter in the number of times you want to roll the die.
4)Select the speed you want to roll the die (slow or fast)
5)Press the green button labeled "GO"

As the die is rolled you will see that the bar chart graph gets taller and taller and taller! 

So if you were to roll the die 4 times, and you got a 3 each time, then the green bar would be at level 4 while the others would still be at zero.



How many times do you have to roll the die to get a uniform distribution on your histogram. This means that the bars are pretty much equal to each other in height. 

Try rolling 10 times, 20, 50, and so on to figure this one out. 


Above is a screen shot of the die rolling simulation.