Virtual Bicycle Physics Simulation : Overview

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This is a bicycle physics simulation that you can download and install on your windows computer.  You can see the x and y force vectors on the pedals of the bike as it is moving.  It allows you change the speed at which the bike rider is moving the pedals. The velocity of the rider is calculated by how fast your computer can spin the wheels around and is displayed in Meters per second, Km per hour, and Miles per Hour. This velocity is dependant on the diameter of the tires. This makes a great lesson for teaching that even though the tire revolutions per minute can be held constant, the diameter of the tire makes a BIG difference in velocity!

You can scale the simulation to be very big or very small. YThe Force vector can be broken up into its x and y components.
It needs your suggestions to make it better. Please download it, try it out, and send your suggestions!