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DIY Do it Yourself Adapted power wheels electric ride on toy for special needs disabled child

This information is for people trying to adapt child ride on electric power toys for special needs disabled children.  Examples of cars / jeeps/ trucks you can adapt arehere

Consider the following when trying to adapt an electric child vehicle for a special needs  handicapped child :

Select a switch that will handle enough current to supply the electric car motor enough current without over heating the switch.  There are two types of current to consider in this situation. First is the surge or inrush current. 

When the switch is activated, the electric toy car motor is not moving, so it has a low resistance.  Since Ohm's law states that current = voltage divided by current or  I =  V / R,  you can see that I gets bigger as R gets lower.  V in the case is a constant of 12Volt car battery voltage.  In some cases power wheels  Toy Car Voltage is 6 Volts.    The current surge from this initial closure of the switch can spike up to as much as 100 Amps but only for an instant.  It looks something like the current surge spike graph below. 

graph showing current spike inrush current surge

You can get away with using a  light switch from the hardware store will work for most applications.  This is usually good for around 10Amps

 light switch used to adapt power wheels for special needs

I have been asked how to adapt an electric car for a child who can't use the foot pedal  switch but can use hand switches.  Here are some materials you will need:

  1. Get a light switch from the hardware store for about $1.00. and mounting it some where on the dash board of the car you want to adapt. 

  2. Get some 14AWG wire from an old appliance, tv, or if you have $ go to the  hardware store.  You might need about 5 feet of it at the most. 

  3. Hot glue gun to secure the wires so they don't hang all over the place and get ripped out.  The wires you install should not be visible when you get done because there is enough space in the car to hide them or glue gun them into a crack so they can't be seen.

  4. You have two options on connecting the wires together.  Wire nuts or soldering iron.  

  5. Wire strippers and cutters will let you cut the wire to the correct length.  Strippers take the plastic housing off of the wire to expose the metal inside.  These cost around $4 to $10 each at radio shack   You must PRACTICE on some wires first before trying the real thing.  (Practice about 10 minutes cutting and stripping).  If you don't want to use a soldering iron, you can


Find the two wires that connect to the pedal switch.  (See diagram below.  You can splice into the wires on either side of this switch as it shows in the diagram.  The top diagram shows a typical electric toy car that kids ride in.  The bottom diagram shows how the light switch can be spliced into the circuit.   Note this design will allow the pedal to work fine, so that other children who can use it will still be able to.

Child electric toy car adapted for special needs child

You have two options on how to connect wires together. 

OPTION1: Use screw on wire nut.  To use a wire nut you strip the plastic insulation off each piece of wire you want to connect.  You should have 1/2" of wire exposed.  Next hold the two wires in your hand so they are laying along side each other.  Align the ends of the wire so they exactly even with each other. Now close your hand tightly around the wires.  Then with your other hand firmly grasp the end of the wires and give them a twist so they are touching each other and close together.  This will allow the yellow wire nut to easily slide over the ends of the two wires.  Now twist the wire nut until it feels snug. 

OPTION 2: Use a soldering iron.  This is a little more reliable than a wire nut, but more difficult to do.  It takes about 3 minutes using a wire nut, and about 15 minutes using a soldering iron.  If you want to learn about how to solder then click HERE

Electric Cars Power Wheel / trucks / Jeeps that might be able to be adapted for special needs kids

      (RECOMMENDED) Razor Bumper Buggie Electric Bumper Car $80.00 from Amazon.com

This buggy would need two switches put into it because it has two individual motor controls. It is especially suited for a special needs child because there is no steering wheel needed!  If you use mechanical high current relays, you can use standard special needs / adaptive switches to run this toy.  (head switch, tilt switch),   Order Info HERE



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Consider adapting an Adora the Explorer Jeep for a special needs handicapped child.

special needs project dora the explorer jeep

Fisher-Price: Power Wheels Dora the Explorer Jeep Wrangler

This jeep can be adapted for special needs children if you cut the wire to the pedal and put in a light switch from a hardware store.


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