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Switches for adapted toys for handicapped special needs children 

There are many types of switches to adapt toys for your special needs child.  Some are shown here.    There are also switches that can be activated by a child puffing on a tube, or bending a wand. 

Each switch uses a mono 1/8" inch 3.5mm  jack (female).   Below are pictures for you to look at.   These can be found at your local Radio Shack 2 for $2.00 or on line at Amazon.com.  They cost less than $2.00 each.

The toy must be opened up  to expose wiring from the battery area.  If it is a simple toy that has one on/off switch, one of the wires from the battery terminal can be cut, and run through this jack.  This is the easiest scenario.  If you want to learn more about how to wire the toy or item you want modified click here.

You really need an Digital Multi Meter (A.K.A. DMM  or Ohm meter) ohm meter to make sure you are soldering to the correct terminals of this jack.


This plug is installed into the toy or radio or massager.  You will need Solder and a Soldering Iron to use this jack.

1/8" Inch 3.5mm mono panel mount chassis female jack for adaptive switches special needs kids ablenet

  1/8 inch  3.5mm MONO CHASSIS JACK with solder tabs ($0.60)



This type of female adaptive switch jack shown below is used when you want to have a wire coming out of the toy or radio or massager to give the switch a place to plug into.  This approach is helpful when the thing you want to adapt does not have a nice flat surface on it to mount the jack above. 

special needs adaptive switch femail 1/8" inch 3.5mm jack with solder tabs


Special needs adaptive switch plug.  You will need Solder and a Soldering Iron to use this jack.

mono male 3.5m 1/8" adaptive switch plug for special needs handicapped toys


Male Jack that comes from the adaptive switch

3.5 mm mono plug features machined brass construction and oversized solder terminals. The cable clamp is heavy duty to provide superior strain relief while the knurled handle provides a sure grip. Connector type: 3.5 mm mono plug Handle: Black Chrome Plug: Gold Cable Entry: 4 mm Mfg. #NYS226B.



If you want to learn how to solder wires to your plug click here.



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Recommended Switches

Microlite Switch Special needs adaptive switch 3.5mm male mono plug handicapped kids

The Microlight Switch meets the needs of special needs students who have minimal strength or who activate switches with a feather-light touch. Manufactured by Tash.

  Big Blue Switch

Big Green Switch

Big Red Switch


 String Switch

pull string adaptive switch for disabled special needs people

The String Switch is ideal for students who have limited finger and hand mobility, as well as those with minimal strength. All it takes is a slight pull to activate the switch. Features a three-year warranty

2-way Series Adapter  .

series adapter 2 way adaptive switch for speclal needs handicapped kids

This series adapter requires the person to use both hands at once to active the toy / radio / tv.  Note: it does not come with the two switches.