Product Review:

What's up with the Sony DSC-P51?


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If you are wondering about buying this model camera, then maybe this Product Review may be helpful.   This product review has 3 examples for you to look at.

My Problem: About 90% of the pictures taken with the Sony DSC-P51 digital camera turn out as you would hope, but the other 10% of the pictures have something wrong with them.   I've been battling this camera for over a year now thinking, "maybe it's just me, maybe I don't haven't learned how to use it yet".  Because sometimes the pictures turn so amazingly well, I told myself the camera has such potential, I just have to figure out its quirks.  It all boils down to you get what you pay for. 

There are some examples below.  I called technical support and spoke with a very polite/business like person who told me to reset the camera settings back to factory default.  He lacked the experience with the camera to quickly understand what I was talking about, and so I have erected this web page to help myself and other Sony DSC-P51 pre-owners & owners to understand the issues.

If you have comments, similar experiences, examples, send an EMAIL so I can post them on this page. 

Note: These pictures were taken with camera defaults, they are about 800kBytes each so if you use a telephone modem, it will take a 2 minutes or so to download.  You must click on the thumbnail picture to see the full sized picture.

EXAMPLE 1:   DSC-P51 Sony Digital Camera Product Review Toddler boy under couch  Sony DSC-P51 Skin quality is pixilated.

Click on the thumbnail above  to see a large version of this picture. This picture looks very clear except for the skin on the baby.  You can zoom way in on the couch and the shirt on the couch and see remarkable clarity. But the skin shows up as pixels (not smooth). Why? I think that the DSC-P51 needed to have a flash in this picture to have better clarity.  A more expensive camera would have done fine without a flash.

EXAMPLE 2:DSC-P51 camera focus problem toddler boy Sony  Sony DSC-P51 Picture Wash out

Click on the thumbnail above  to see a large version of this picture. Part of this picture looks Fantastic, but the wash-out problem with the sky ruins it.  Why? I don't know.  I wonder if other cameras do this too.


EXAMPLE 3: Sony digital camera product review DSC-P51 focus problem example 3  DSC-P51 Focus problem.

Click on the thumbnail above  to see a large version of this picture.  This camera just doesn't seem to focus some times.  I hold still after having lightly tapped the picture button, waiting for the little focus light to turn off, then I push the button a little further to take the picture and it turns out like this.  (UGH!)