Scientific Calculator Screen Shot and Description of Features 

(see explanations below the screen shot)

  Feature  Description
1 Example Box This Drop Down Menu provides many examples of math expressions that can be used to make 2D and 3D graphs
2 Expression Box This is where you enter a math expressions like 1+1  or 1+ X   or 1+ (X * Y).  After you have entered your expression, you will need to click on the green button to get your answer.

 If your expression simple enough to have one solution to it, then the answer will appear in this window.    If you include the variable "x" in your expression, then a 1 dimensional graph will pop up displaying a plot of your solution set.  If your expression includes an "x" and "y" then a 2 dimensional plot will appear showing your solution set.  Note:  The current version does not do inequalities.

3 Keypad You may use this keypad to enter numerical values by clicking with your mouse.  If you click on the functions button, it will open up the function selection window which gives you a description, plot, and example of to use each function.
4 Analyze Raw Data This button leads you to the numerical analysis portion of the program including curve fitting line regression, statistical summary with histogram and distribution curve, frequency spectrum Fourier analysis
5 Conversions This button will allow you to access the unit conversion screen.   Angles, time, length, mass, temperature, frequency, force, pressure, energy, power, luminance, exposure-dosage.  This feature allows you to use windows copy and paste to convert your data and bring it back into the calculator window for further data processing.
6 Constants This button takes you to the physics  constants screen.   These constants came from the 1986 CODATA recommended values of the fundamental physical constants.
7 Personal Memory Constants This area will hold thousands of your personal numerical values.  You can also type a description for each one.  When you close the program, you do not loose these values, they are there until you delete them out of the table.
8 Log Window Every expression that you enter into the expression box will be entered into this permanent log for you convenience.  The length of this log depends on how much memory your computer has.  It will save thousands of entries.
9 Solve Buton The solve button is disabled when you type in an invalid expression.  When it turns green, you must click on it to get your answer.  It will only provide you with a 2D graph if you use a lower case "x" in your equation.  And a 3D graph if you use both lower case "x" and "y".

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