Simple Plant Propagation Techniques  101 - no root hormones chemicals needed if you don't want to use chemicals

DIY Video Movie Lessons Training for Do It Yourself Plant Propagation Cloning From Clippings and Cuttings

If you have a pair of scissors, a plastic water bottle, and a plant to start with you may want to try the plant propagation / clipping cutting technique shown in this video clip.










Watch this 23 Minute video if you want to know theory around  the biology / horticultural aspects of propagating cloning cuttings.   Dr. Fred Davis of Texas A&M really knows his stuff!

I thought Texas A&M is lucky to have a program that offers education down to the cellular plant level so people can understand exactly what is going on when cloning propagation with cuttings clippings takes place.


Principles of Propagation by Cuttings