Comments from Customers who use 2d3d calculator

you can easily examine that how physical functions change .
19-May-2005 07:08:53 AM
Reviewer: sh_gh
Pros: You can graph your functions (any physical relation) in suitable scale and let it change by time. So your students can see how the physical quantity which you are explaning, changes by time or other variable.


Good for science homework
06-Apr-2005 08:29:16 AM
Reviewer: lecerta
Pros: When my batteries ran out in my graphing calulator, I downloaded this and the format is similar to the easy-to-use format of my trusted handheld for science and math homework. It's good to finially find a computer calculator with a interface comparable to my handheld.
Cons: I haven't found anything wrong with it as of yet, everything seems to be well thought out in its design.


Excellent navigation tool!
25-Mar-2005 09:19:14 PM
Reviewer: Rob C
Pros: This piece of software truly is "Bradley's Super Math Program ". As an engineer and consultant in the seismic navigation field. I find this to be one of the best graphical calculation programs available. The plotting features are excellent not to mention the statistical calculation functions. A must have for those in the engineering industry.
Cons: Non noticed.


wide list of features, cheaper than matlab, excellent data analyzer
15-Jan-2005 08:29:59 PM
Reviewer: jonathan
This is a fantastic program for engineers, scientists or technical minded people. I'd compare it to MatLAB's features in reporting and data analysis but on a super value menu pricing scheme. You can't beat the low cost. I'd get it for 3 reasons: (1) It has a REALLY cool unit converter in order to convert between different unit types. (Length, illuminance, force, volume, distance, exposure/dosage, etc). (2) You can instantly import data and analyze it within seconds. Lots of data too. Lots of statistical and mathematical functions. (3) You can graph functions of just about any sort. 2 and 3 dimensional! You may need to install the Labview engine or something like that. I found that out in an error message. However that is installed and included with the download. Don't worry, Bradley has taken care of everything. I don't give this a perfect because the user interface isn't super "pretty." Yet it does all the necessary functions, and more importantly everything you need is easily found. Just because the GUI doesn't look the prettiest doesn't take away from teh fact that the buttons and commands are VERY user friendly. Download the demo, it's unrestrected and without annoyances. (except limited number of times you can launch it and only 20 min each time). It has nothing disabled. See if you like it.


very good
10-Jan-2005 05:39:59 AM
Reviewer: ANKIT
i feel you that you claculator is of immense help for students who do graphs and functions. it is just like a boon for them . the various graphs can help us students to get even more information than we would have otherwise known about functin. thank tou for your nice efforts in developing this software.


Great for educators and students!
22-Dec-2004 07:50:01 PM
Reviewer: Professor DLF
As a teacher of physics, astronomy and computer science, this is the best product I have found that I can use, that I can recommend to my students and faculty and that I plan to use in teaching students, faculty and teachers. This is a really outstanding product that does the jobs of at least four pieces of software that I use: conversions, graphing, calculating and constants.


21-Nov-2004 04:49:59 PM
Reviewer: Daniel Beiro
This is a very complete math and physics software package. Great features and the ease of use makes it less intimidating for 'newbies' like me.


11-Sep-2004 04:58:22 AM
Reviewer: kaodda
Good product for math learning .

Very Useful
09-Sep-2004 12:38:33 PM
Reviewer: BooNIzzy
Needed several conversions for new building. 2D3D Engineering Scientific Calculator did the trick.


Great for visualizations for mature student.
19-Aug-2004 04:48:21 AM
Reviewer: Anita
In 3D mode why does graph do a fancy flying-in appearance? Similarly the 2d graph won't stay still but continually cycles. I love the real-time panning ability on 3D.




As a community college dean and scientist, I am developing a national model
for community-based research. In order to empower the
community to engage in emerging technology, students must overcome their skills
deficits, particularly in math. Your calculator works well
with our SMART classrooms and will be key to the creation of
my "virtual" scientific learning community. You may visit my
personal web site to see some of the things I am doing. The
site is

Ray Turner, Ph.D.

"A great graphing/physics/plotting calculator"
This piece of software not only has a great user interface and ease of use but it is chock loaded. Everything from it's conversion table to it's 1D, 2D, 3D, equation solving. I has almost ever math function known in the math world with graphical plotting to back it even does sound. I am a game programmer/designer and I think this tool is invaluable in my work and I have a doctorate in Math and physics. If you are in school or use extensive math functions you need this software!



We purchased this calculator in order to perform polynomial curve fitting
required for an indepth analysis we were performing.  The work involved a
quantitative analysis of the energy and cost savings associated with automated
condenser control within industrial refrigeration systems.  I used the
calculator for all my curve fitting work and it gave accurate equations. These
equations were then placed within my spreadsheet analysis and provided an
accurate indication of the performance of the equipment under varying weather
and load conditions.  Many thanks for your good work and please keep enhancing