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The unit converter allows you to do convert many numerical values from one unit to the other.  For a complete list click here


The categories of Units are

  • angle conversion

  • time conversion

  • length conversion

  • mass conversion

  • temperature conversion

  • frequency conversions,

  • force conversions

  • pressure conversions

  • energy conversion

  • power conversions

  • light conversions

  • exposure/ dosage conversions




Units Available for You to Convert


Type Units
Angular Conversions radians, degrees, minutes, seconds
Time Conversions seconds, minutes, hour, day, year
Lengths Conversions meters, fermi, angstrom, foot, inch, line, cubit, rod, mile, yard, chain, furlong, fathom, astronomical unit, light year, hubble
Mass Conversions  kilograms, gram, metric tonne, unified atomic mass unit, pound, ounce, dram, slug, stone, US short ton, UK ton, grain, carat.
Temperature  Conversions Kelvin, degrees Celsius, Celsius degree, Fahrenheit degree
Frequency Conversions hertz, becquerel, curie
Force  Conversions Newton, dyne, pound force
Pressure  Conversions pascal, bar, atmosphere, torr, meters of Mercury, punds/sq inch
Energy Conversions Joule, electron volt, erg, calorie, British Thermal Unit
Power Conversions Watts, horse power
Light Conversions lux, foot-candle
Exposure / Dosage Conversions gray, sievert, Rad, roentgen equ. man



Screen Shot

unit conversion software screen shot