Real Time Audio Capture FFT Fast Fourier Transform Frequency Domain Representation With Plotting   

This windows software will analyze your voice or other sounds as it comes into your computer's microphone. It gives a real time fast Fourier transform  as well as plotting the actual waveform that is coming in.

This feature allows you to choose audio capture settings as shown below in figure 1.  These include Audio Device #, sampling rate, bits per sample, and buffer size.  Be aware that your PC may not be able to handle all the data if you set it to 44100 sampling rate & 16bit capture.  You need to have at least a 333Mhz PC for this. 

In figure 2 below the top chart with green data shows the incoming wave from data from the microphone input jack.  The chart on the bottom (blue background with white trend line) represents the fast Fourier Transform also know the frequency domain representation of the audio data. 

If you want to analyze the raw data you are looking at, you need to press the "STOP" button at the instant the data is captured, and then it will bring it into the transform screen.


  1.  Open the 2D3D calculator software

  2. Click on the button called "Analyze raw data"

  3. Click on the button called "Transform"

  4. Click on the button called "Microphone Input"





Figure 1


Figure 2



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