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Windows 3D Scientific Calculator Equation Solver, Regression, linear fit, curve fit, polynomial fit 



The equation solver linear / curve fitting tool gives you 9 techniques to choose from. (see bullets below)


The Polynomial Fit allows you to choose up to a  7th order polynomial fit.  The graphing tools are very powerful.    In the example below, you can see a 5th order polynomial fit equation on some gravitational data of Mars.  The graph updates REAL TIME as you alter the parameters on the left. 


The screen shot below shows you three screens.  The bottom one is the calculator screen, the 2nd one is the data table that you populate with data from a text file or by hand keying in the data.  The top screen is the regression / fit screen.


This screen will allow you to choose your plot colors and background colors.  You can also enlarge this  screen to the full length of your monitor.



  • Linear Fit

  • Polynomial Fit

  • Exponential Fit

  • SVD

  • Givens

  • Givens2

  • Householder

  • LU Decomposition

  • Cholesky


Screen Shot-  141KB

Curve fit polynomial fit regression software


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