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The frequency analysis software tool allows you to record sound from your computer microphone or import data using a text file.   This tool allows you to alter parameters on the left while updating the plot REAL TIME.    It has special plot tools for you to zoom in/out. 


The wave forms of your data are shown on the top plot in yellow, and the frequency spectrum (Fourier Transform Analysis) on the lower plot.


You are able to select from the following techniques: Hann, Hamming, Blackman-Harris, Blackman, Flat Top, 4 Term B-Harris, 7 Term B-Harris.   You also have the ability to display your data  using one of these display units: Vrms, Vpk, Vrms^2, Vpk^2, Vrms/rtHz,Vpk/rtHz, Vrms^2/Hz, Vpk^2/Hz.



Import your raw data using a text file or your microphone / audio  sound card. Below is an example of what the data looks like once loaded into the data table.
Import text data for frequency analysis 2d3d calculator software


Click on the "TRNASFORM" button.  Then choose a technique or window for you frequency analysis
2d3d calculator software frequency Hamming blackman harris analysis


Choose a display unit
2d3d calculator software  frequency analysis software units



View Data

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