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          Free Pedal Power Plans for Stationary Exercise Bike Power Bicycle Generator


Take a look at these video clips showing the spin bike generator in action: Click HERE


This this pedal power bicycle generator system allows you to harness human energy to put to good use. 










If you have questions on parts to use send an email to


Item Qty. Part # Description Price Order   Info 


1 PPG-SB-01 White adapter Plate with hardware $69 Send Email
2 1   24V  MOTOR / GENERATOR $179 Order
3 1   Duracell Power Pack 600W Peak (with built in AC inverter to power your tv, computer, or cell phone charger.  It also has a built in radio, flashlight, jumper cables- great for emergency back up power) $139 Order
4 1   Power Twist Belt $35 Order
5 1   15 Amp Blocking Diode $39 Order
6 1   Battery Charge Controller $139 Order
7 2   Fuse Holders from Auto Zone $5 AutoZone Store
8 1   Pulley $5 Order
9     3 Feet Size 12 Red & black Wire $3 Home Depot
10 10   Crimp on Ring Terminals   Send Email
11 1   1/2" Close Nipple $3 Send Email
12 2   Cord Grip Strain Relief $3 Home Depot





If you are setting this up at a school, it is very important to provide something to look at that is fun for the kids, something that will inspire them to pedal faster.  I used a fan with a tube and a small ball.  (See picture) The kids love to make the ball fly to the top of the tube, and if the pedal fast enough, it will come up out of the tube and hover in mid air.  

Me and my buddy Joe setting up for a class activity

The kids really love doing this experiment.

  1. Have the class to divide up into teams of 3or 4 students
  2. Have the team create a name of their power company
  3. Each team gets 1 minute to come up to the bike to see how much power they can generate using two 35W spot lights for a load
  4. Have the students calculate how many KW hours they generated
  5. Everyone puts their data on the board with theri team name and we go over it.

It turns out that in 1 minute, each team generated about 0.0015 cents of power (assuming about 5cents / KW H) 


This photo is the bike with LabVIEW program projected on to the big screen. The data on the top chart (red) is the real time voltage, the 2nd chart (blue) is the current measured from a shunt resistor.  Both of these measurements are done by a  LabJack Data Acquisition Box Order Information HERE.



Voit Tre Exercise bike used as pedal power generator   +  Permanent Magnet DC motor Cutaway used as bike generator

Exercise Bike                        +            DC Permanent Magnet Motor






The style of stationary exercise bike shown   is a common design manufactured under many different names. Here are a few: 

  • Voit Tre Stationary

  • Sears Stationary Exercise Bike

  • Bollinger Aerometer Precision Upright Bike

  • Performax 5500

  • Tunturi Ergometer

  • Weslo Stationary exercise bike