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Myself and some friends donated time & energy to design & build 24 of these bike powered cell phone charging generators to be used  at the Coachella Music & arts Festival energy factory. This was a 3 day event with approx. 60,000 people attending daily.   Setting up these bikes was the idea of the non profit  group Global Inheritance.  The purpose of doing this was to introduce those attending this event (mostly younger generation people) to forms of alternative energy.   Coachella Human powered bicycle generators cell phone charging stations

This same bike generator design could also be used for  human powered television, human powered PS2 Play station, human powered Nintendo, human powered blender, or human powered Laptop Notebook Computer. 

This design  included the major components shown below.  Looking back on it, I would not have used the 12V lead acid battery.  It's better to use just a simple capacitor.   The 12V battery leaks when tipped over, does not last long if left sitting for more than a few weeks.

      To get free build your own / do it yourself instructions click HERE

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car alternator pedal power cell phone chargers

Above shows a side view of the 24 car alternator bike generator cell phone chargers at the 2007 Coachella event.   You won't believe the music, light effects, stage, and sound system inside the big white tent shown in the picture above.   Turn your computer speakers DOWN and check out this 5 second techno - rave video clip.




Me at the store counting up the 24 bicycle Trainer Stands to build the bicycle generator cell phone chargers for Coachella.



Employees at the Performance Bicycle bike shop kept asking, "Now why are you getting all of these?" and "What are you going to use them for?".  A few of them knew what Coachella Music & Arts Festival was and were really excited about the project. 






The guy even helped me unbox all of the Ascent Bicycle trainer stands and load them up into the van.   Yes these were legally acquired...

This bike trainer stand was their cheapest stand on sale for $139 (more info HERE  )






MOUNTING THE CAR ALTERNATOR to the bike trainer stand.


Coachella bike generator alternator bracket fixture


Here you can see how Super-Strut can be used to mount the Car Alternator 

with a 78" Lawn mower belt.  Click here to get free instructions on how to do this.





Late evening of Wednesday, April 25th 2007 on the Coachella Venue.  Two nights before the event.

We drove from Phoenix to Indio California with the 24 pedal power bicycle - alternator generator stands loaded up in the van.  We got to Coachella Music Festival in the evening.  In the photo below, you will see volunteer architects were busy building the Energy Factory Structure.   We waited for a few hours before we could setup the pedal power bicycle generators. 




Friday, April 27th 2007 -  Opening day of Coachella Music & Arts Festival

Finally everything was setup and ready for the show. The Energy Factory structure was finished by dawn of the first day of 2007  Coachella - Friday the 27th.  Here you see the earthy like tent structure.  The 24 cell phone charger pedal power generators are in the middle.  The right structure housed the  guy who is teaching people how to make bio-diesel.    The left side has the solar power panel display which is providing power to the misting system and lights.  In the back is an electric car converted by the Reverend Gadget.  Also located there is a wind power tower with three wind turbines.








Late afternoon Friday cooled down a little bit so Coachella

concert goers could charge the cell phones without getting too hot. 









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